Co-engineering is key

Each market and customers has its own specific demands regarding weight, dimension, tolerances and surface quality. Working together with our customers to give the best result is very important to us. Our highly skilled engineers are trained to develop the optimum die in close cooperation with you. Adex also offers a “quick advice service”. Send your question or design to sales@adex-dies.com. There is no better and more efficient way to start the co-engineering.

Develop and share capacities

Adex develops and manufactures a wide range of extrusion dies varying from fairly simple to complex dies. All dies are developed with the latest design and manufacturing software and Adex is continuously investing in training and education of its employees. Furthermore we are constantly modernising our production equipment and ensuring engineering knowledge, manufacturing systems and production equipment are always “state of the art”

Would you like to set-up a meeting with our technical advisors to check what we can do for you, please contact us via sales@adex-dies.com. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you.

Certification ensures top quality

Our customers are scattered all over the globe and they have the highest demands regarding measurement, weight and surface quality. Adex meets the highest quality standards and is ISO certified. With ISO certification we have secured strict internal processes and tight product checks.

Download the Adex ISO 9001:2015 certificate