Adex Specials are used especially for complex issues and profiles which need extra attention. We accept the challenge. We are able to combine therefore mentioned techniques in an innovative way, but also a unique design is possible. The Adex Specials are being used at the extrusion of:

  • heat sinks
  • profiles with thin wall thicknesses
  • "hard alloy" profiles
  • cross over design
  • double core design

Adex Specials are custom made designs in the range of 70 mm until 1100 mm. Because of our technologies our die will lead to cost reduction in your production process.

"We develop and manufacture the most ingenious and complex dies"


Would you like to know more about the Adex Specials, or do you want to submit a profile design to our engineers? Send your question or design to and we will give you feedback and advice within 24 hours.